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China’s economy grew at the fastest pace in Q1, reaching 4.5%

The economic resilience of the world’s second-largest economy will be headwind for oil prices China’s Q1 GDP grew by 4.5%, exceeding expectations of a 4.0% expansion and marking the fastest pace of growth since Q1 2022. On a quarter-by-quarter basis, the GDP grew by 2.2% in Q1, compared to a revised 0.6% …

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China’s GDP Shows Solid Economic Recovery

Economic growth in the world’s second-largest economy will be bullish for oil prices China’s freshly released economic data has shown resilient growth in the country compared to the previous quarter. China’s GDP in the first quarter surged to 2.2% from the previous quarter’s 0%, a favourable sign that could potentially stimulate higher …

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China Equity Market Rallies with Alibaba Revamp

Chinese stock indices, including the Hang Seng Index, rallied as Alibaba said it would split the company into 6 units that would potentially be listed individually. This reflects a loosening attitude from the Chinese government toward the technology companies after the long crackdown from Beijing. On the other hand, the fresh Australian …

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