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Take advantage of our unbeatable offer and receive a phenomenal 100% deposit bonus credited directly to your account on your first deposit.

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First Deposit

Bonus up to$500

Subsequent Deposits

Bonus up to$9,500

  • Why Join 100% Deposit Bonus?

  • How It Work?

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Why Join 100% Deposit Bonus?

How It Work?


  • Set sail on your trading voyage with
    PU Prime's enticing 100% deposit bonus
    promotion. Experience heightened
    capabilities, bolstered risk
    strategies, and expedited
    capital growth for your

  • Enhanced Trading Potential

    Elevate your trading prowess with a
    generous 100% deposit bonus from
    PU Prime's deposit bonus promotion.

  • Improved Risk Management

    Safeguard your account against market
    volatility by leveraging additional bonus

  • Accelerated Capital Growth

    Expedite your journey to financial growth by
    taking advantage of the bonus, propelling
    your account's capital forward at an
    accelerated pace.

Promotion Period: limited Time only

Unlock up to a 100% deposit bonus with trading credits for your account.

  • Activate

    Head to your Client Portal to activate the promotion under the “Promotions” tab.

  • Deposit

    Make your deposit only after the promotion has been activated.

  • Get Rewarded

    100% of the first $1,000 of your deposit will be awarded as credits. Subsequent deposits be subject to a 20% bonus, up to a maximum of $10,000.

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Absorb Your Trading Losses And Maintain Your Positions With Bonus Credits

Unlike the credit of other brokers, PU Prime’s deposit bonus can be used to sustain losses as your credits are not removed when your equity goes lower than your initial credit

Equity Time
Equity Time

Consider The Following Scenario:

  • Trader makes deposit of $500 and receives $500 in bonus credits
  • Makes and closes a trade with $100 in profit
  • Opens another trade
  • New trade moves against the trader and incurs a floating loss of - $550
  • At this point, the trader with another broker will have their credits removed, causing the trades to be liquidated

With PU Prime’s, credits still remain even when equity goes below the initial credits, allowing the trader to avoid a stop out and giving a chance to wait for a trend reversal

Terms and Conditions apply.Read More

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We’ve combined technology with mindful interface design to ensure a smooth, reliable trading experience.

  • An award-winning mobile experience for trading anytime, anywhere
  • Browser-based WebTrader platform for all major browsers
  • MetaTraders 4 and 5
  • Comprehensive education, analysis and trading tools
  • Copytrading with PU Social
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