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Weak U.S. Dollar and Strong Japanese Yen

What You Need To Know Asian markets climbed encouraged by the Wall Street rally amid market optimism over soft-landing from the Fed. The dollar dropped to its lowest and traded below 102 for the 1st time since last May as investors bet that it is very likely the Fed will increase just …

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Yen Strong as Global Equity Markets Slump

Inflation worries abound in the market as China’s reopening might lift global inflation rates What You Need To Know The Japanese Yen continues to gain against all major pairs and is strengthened up to 0.8% against the dollar. Investors speculate that the Bank of Japan (BoJ) may reduce its ultra-loose monetary policy …

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Yen Kickstarts 2023 on Front Foot

What You Need To Know The Japanese Yen starts the year with a modest gain against the dollar up by 0.3% and is traded below $131. The BoJ surprised the market by widening its yield curve control (YCC) which has led to speculation that the Japanese authorities may have a monetary policy …

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