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What Is Non Farm Payroll?

Non farm Payroll (NFP) is a monthly report measuring the change in the number of people employed in the private sector and government, excluding specific categories like farm workers and private household employees. Released at 8:30 AM ET on the first Friday of each month, it reflects employment data from the previous month.

Why does it matter to you? - Bigger NFP numbers often mean a stronger economy, which can boost stocks and strengthen the value of dollar. Smaller numbers might signal slower growth, impacting currencies and potentially lowering interest rates.

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Prediction Rules

  • Eligible to Standard Account, and Islamic Standard Account.

  • Eligible clients can make predictions on what NFP figure will land in. The final prediction of all users will be locked in 5 minutes before the NFP figure announcement by BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). In case of multiple predictions, only the latest prediction before the cut-off time will be taken into consideration.

  • The winners will be announced by the next working day after the NFP figure announcement by BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The winner agrees that his/her first name/user ID will be posted on the Leaderboard on the Campaign page.

  • Clients can start a new round of prediction one week after the time of the last NFP figure announcement by BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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Non Farm Payroll Calendar

Please refer to the NFP Calendar below for the upcoming release dates or economic calendar for more information.

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